Back to the land of the living…

It has been a long week for our house!  First little Jackson was sick, then David started up with the crud again and then the world came to an end and I got sick.  That’s right, Mom, the one that takes care of everyone and everything, got sick!  And yes, the world almost came to a screeching halt over the weekend.  Thank goodness I have a great husband who will step up and do his best to fill in.  But to the kids…it just isn’t the same.  No matter how cool Dad is or how fun he makes things or how hard he tries….it just isn’t the same.   Thank goodness, I have now returned to the land of the living and am feeling almost back to normal!

Saturday night as I am laying lifeless on the sofa David comes and sits next to me and pats me on the arm and proceeds to tell me that he doesn’t like it when I am sick.  And I am thinking this is gonna be sweet, my caring child is concerned because I am feeling so bad.  Well….that was almost what I got.  “Mommy, I don’t like it when you are sick because I love you and Jackson loves you and I love you….can I watch TV now? Cause you have been watching it all day”.  And there is it.  He loves me but is more worried about watching TV.  That is a 7 year ADHD mind for you.  So I took out of that what I could….at least I know they all love me, right? 

Well while I was wallowing in my pj’s for two days because I couldn’t even drag myself off the sofa long enough to put on normal clothes, David spent a lot of quality time with his Dad.  Since we adopted these chickens, there have been many opportunities presented to us for David to learn all sorts of skills and responsibilities.  The task at hand over the weekend was to build a house for the birds so that we can get them out of my house.  I never knew how quickly chickens grew, they are now able to fly and we are finding more often these days the chickens are not in their designated box but wondering down the hall to check out the rest of the place!  So it is time for them to move out and get a place of their own!  David and Ben went about designing, purchasing supplies and then commencing construction on a house for them.  I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with David.  He has not lost interest in the least little bit and has not shyed away from the hard work being put into construction.  This is an awesome thing to watch!  Especially to see him working together with Ben to create something together, for the two of them to spend time together and for David to learn from Ben.  I am proud of Ben too, this was all his idea.  I don’t know if he knew exactly what he was getting himself into but it is wonderful seeing him embrace this time with David.  I think in the back of his mind he thought that this would be a passing thing and David would quit.  But we are both seeing David grow right before our very eyes, in many ways.  You know, he might turn out just fine after all!

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2 thoughts on “Back to the land of the living…

  1. Thank lord I have my wife as well. Without her there is no way I would be able to keep up with the little monster. Get healthy.


    1. There is definitaly a reason why women are the mom….my husband will totally agree there! Thanks for stopping by! Love your photos of the pandas, what a wonderful experience you are giving your daughter!

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