Tickle Time

One of my children’s most favorite things in the whole wide world is to have Tickle Time with Daddy.  They look forward to it every night.  Unfortunately they don’t get it every night.  But I think this probably allows the anticipation to build a bit and makes it that much better when they do get to have it.  I personally am not a huge fan of Tickle Time as it usually takes place in the evenings after everyone has had baths and we are beginning to settle down and get ready to start the process of going to bed.  And then Daddy comes in with Tickle Time and gets the boys going crazy, they are all riled up and it takes that much longer to settle back down to go to sleep.  Besides this one little hiccup….the sounds of laughter that come from the room during these sessions absolutely makes my heart swell to almost bursting!  But don’t tell Daddy I said that!

Well this past weekend the boys were given a surprise treat of having an unsolicited, very intense Tickle Time session.  Daddy came in late and I was in the bedroom reading books to the boys just about to put them to bed.  Then here he comes….crawling across the floor with that look in his eyes….the Tickle Monster!  The boys cannot stand it, they begin squirming and laughing before he has even touched them.  Then he slowly drags one boy at a time off the bed to the floor, kicking and screaming and laughing all at the same time.  To me the best part is when they are laughing so hard and yelling “STOP”, but then jump right back in there and ask for more.  These play sessions usually turn into some sort of tag-team wrestling event with both boys trying to bring Daddy “down”!  It usually doens’t work since they can’t stop laughing long enough to get up off the floor.  As I sit there enjoying the sounds of pure, innocent and uncontrollable laughter that is spilling out of my family I just say a prayer of thanks for these wonderful blessings that  I have been entrusted with.  I pray that they will always remember the times that Daddy took time out to just enjoy time with them and love them in this way.  And as I try to bring everyone back down to a small roar, it is time to calm back down and get ready for bed.  David climbs up on the bed next to me and with huge dimpled smile he looks at me and says “Well, at least I got all my giggles out.  Now I can get some sleep!”

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