Fat Cat

Many mornings David is hard to wake up.  Ok, let me rephrase that…..EVERY morning David is hard to wake up.  Ok, maybe hard isn’t the correct word to use….he is a bear to wake up!!  Don’t look at him, don’t talk to him, don’t ask him to do anything.  Usually I am able to make the process a bit easier by tickling him, but that is not always the case.  He is like his Dad that way, it takes him forever to even be conscious enough to speak to you much less move and get out of bed.  He is a hard sleeper, always has been.  Ever since he was a baby he has required at a minimum 8-10 hours of sleep!!  It is a blessing. 

So it is always a nice treat for me when the rare occasion comes up that he wakes up easily and in a good mood.  We had one of these such mornings the other day.  I always ask him how he slept as he often has bad dreams so I always want to make sure it was a good night.  David rolled over and in his daze of half consciousness half sleep he looked up at me and said with his big cheesy grin “I slept like a fat cat!”  Wow, that was a new one for me.  I just busted out laughing.  I never know what in the world is going to come out of his mouth next and this completely took me off guard!  Dying to know what in the heck he meant by this I asked him the obvious question….and how does a fat cat sleep?  Again I got the dimpled grin 🙂  “I heard it on Garfield.  You know when a cat eats way too much dinner and his belly is huge and fat he lays on his back in his bed and sleeps with his mouth wide open and doesn’t move all night?  That’s how I slept!” 

Well, that’s good to know.   Don’t you wish we could all sleep like fat cats??


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