Finding your Niche

I can only imagine how overwhelming it can be for a child entering school and being introduced to all the new experiences, new topics of learning, new people…..everything involved in coming out of that little world they have known as daycare and going into the “real” world of the education system.  For most children it probably only takes a couple of weeks and they adjust very quickly and are in the groove of learning what they need to do.  But for an ADHD child I imagine this would be even more overwhelming and more scarey….probably downright terrifying.  Wondering why they can’t fit in, why they struggle when the other children seem to progress with ease, thinking there is something wrong with them.  How do you explain this to a child?  I know for me that was one of the most difficult things to do.  And the past 3 1/2 years has been a very long journey for myself as well as my David.  A long journey of many nights of tears, nights of yelling at one another, venting frustrations to one another and a long journey to try to find a good place for David.  Trying to find what works for him in the classroom as well as outside of it.  Helping him learn how to deal with those anxieties and thoughts of not being as good or smart as the other kids.  And now after all this time…..I think we have finally gotten David to a GOOD place.  A place where he understands the importance of school and has actually begun to enjoy learning things.  And all it took was finding his niche, his area of expertise.  One thing that has always come easy to David has been spelling.  He has become known as the “Master Speller” in his classes.  He doesn’t even hesitate on even the largest of words, he jumps right in and goes for it.  This same confidence has now carried over into other areas.  It is really kind of funny….it seems like overnight things just clicked.  He now LOVES science.  Cannot get enough.  Is constantly thinking of different and better ways of doing things.  Inventing things that would make the world a better place.  So for Christmas Santa brought him a science kit, a Mythbusters Water Rocket science kit.  He has been DYING to build this thing for weeks!  Well last weekend he finally got his Dad outside all to himself to conduct their experiment.  And just like any good experiment….it did not go so well on the first try.  But David pushed through and would not give up.  The second try was not so bad, better than the first.  But the third try….man was a complete SUCCESS!  David was so excited he had to try it two more times!!!!  So I guess it is all about taking baby steps…..learning as we go what works.  Seeing what excites our children and then giving them the tools, opportunities and guidance to take that as far as they can!  Who knows….we may have another scientist or inventor on our hands!  Someone who will make the world a better place.  If not with his inventions but with his beautiful dimpled smile!

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