I wish I was done with school!

Like most kids, David hates school.  I think for the most part he enjoys the social time, playing at recess, visiting with his friends at lunch….you know the things most kids truly enjoy about school.  But I am thinking for 3rd grade, isn’t it a bit early for him to have such strong feelings about hating school and wishing he were finished with school!  I mean really….I LONG for the simple days of elementary school.  Reading, coloring, PE, recess, art projects, class parties with SNACKS.  Seriously….how can he already have these feelings of hate toward school??

Then I remember….he is different.  He is extremely smart for his age.  He has a hard time sitting still in class.  He has struggled since the beginning of his school career.  I am sure he has been picked on a bit.  Yeah…I can see it.  He hates school.  I don’t blame him.

But I try to remind him of the positive fun things about school.  I tell him things like “You don’t want to rush these times!  One day you will be grown and you will long for the simple days of 3rd grade.  ENJOY these days while you are here!”  It doesn’t do much good.  He still hates school.

So…I ask him….why do you hate school and wish you were all finished with school?

“So I will know everything already, just like Daddy does.”

Well….there ya go!

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