New Year….New Stories….New Adventures

I just realized that it has been a VERY long time since the last time I wrote here. Like seriously….a VERY long time! More precisely 779 days since the last time I wrote here! Lots of travels, lots of children’s happenings and LOTS of craziness has happened since then! I won’t bore you with all of the details. I will give though give you a quick update.

David is now 11, he started 6th grade this year and is on the verge of discovering what girls are good for. He is still struggling every single day with his ADHD but at least as he is getting older he is beginning to learn how to adjust himself and deal with some things himself. We have found an out let for him which has been fantastic for his detest for school. He has discovered BAND! The trumpet to be more precise. His Dad played several instruments in band all through school so it didn’t surprise me that David wanted to be like him. We are all extremely proud of how well he is doing and how much he is focusing on practicing. It just proves to him that he CAN do it! He is an awesome BIG brother most days. But just like every other child there are many more of those days when he isn’t such an awesome big brother and the two of them are ready to at each other’s throats! But all in all we still love him and I guess we will keep him around a while longer.

Jackson is now 6 and he started 1st grade this year. He has known for about two years now what girls are good for! And all we know is that he swears he LOVES Gabby and they are going to get married one day…so we shall have to wait and see how that pans out! Not much has changed about Jackson except that he has gotten EVEN smarter and conniving than ever before. He is a cutie-tootie and he knows it! He is still a bull in a china shop. And he STILL LOVES his big brother! Idealizes David! Has to do everything that David does! Many days I question his loyalty due to the fact that David can be so mean to him but Jackson never waivers in his affections!

The biggest change for our entire household has been with Dad. After many years of searching for just the right place, just the right fit to use all the miscellaneous knowledge he has gained over the years….he has finally found his niche’ in life AND he can make a living at it! How crazy is that???

As for me….well I get up everyday and drag myself to the same old job….earn my paycheck….then go home to enjoy the real meaning of life for me….that would be my family! We never know the journeys life will lead us down. We try to make the right decisions with the information we have at the time and we have to pray that God knows what he is doing in leading us down a path. Sometimes it is God’s path. Sometimes it is our path and we have to usually back track to find out way back to God’s path. This is where I find myself right now. Backtracking. Going back to the beginning. To a more simple time and place. Trying to refocus not only myself on what’s important but also my family.

This last year it has become very evident to me that the direction we as a whole are going in is not exactly the way God would have us go. There are many different things I mean when I say this. The direction of this country, our government, the ways we are teaching our children to be so self absorbed, how we are relying too much on society and mainstream for everything rather than learning how to rely on God first and then ourselves. I can’t help but think that our parents, grandparents and beyond knew just a little bit more than we do about the importance of working hard, loving your family and appreciating the things that are most important in life.  So here I am rediscovering the meaning of being a Square peg in a Round hole.  Redefining the direction of our lives and how we get there.  Anyone interested in joining me???  I hope you do!!

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