So this past week Dad and I enjoyed a very unusual treat….a trip….just the two of us….NO kids….for an entire WEEK!  10387311_10156621019860523_851225080136997076_nSay what?!?  I know, right?  How crazy!   We spent Dad’s annual tool expo in the beautiful Las Vegas NV….the city that never sleeps….full of inappropriately dressed women or at least people whom you believe are women….and lights EVERYWHERE.  Neither of us had been to Vegas so we were a bit excited just for the new adventure.  Besides the fact that we were not going to have any kids for an entire week.  Dad and I have been married for what will be 17 years this coming April and our oldest child is 11.  So it has been a very long time since we didn’t have any kids.  Needless to say….this trip was a very welcome get away!  10290187_10156621020975523_3838800915918600627_nEven though it was partly work related trip we still could not wait!  And did I mention there would be no kids??

People with kids understand….but married couples change after they have kids.  No matter how hard they try….it is very difficult to find alone time with your spouse once you have had kids!  I firmly believe that is one of the problems with our society and the number of divorces….people are too busy and not spending enough quality time with their spouse that they become distant almost to the point of being strangers!  Well for Dad and I this is totally unacceptable!

We try very hard to find couple time with just each other or other couples.  However these past several months we have been extremely busy so the alone time has been pretty much nonexistent!  But we knew this trip was coming so we didn’t sweat it.

12718169_10156621040285523_4621715305572450_nAs I said the main reason for this trip was work.  However, you have to know Dad….there is never just a work trip….he makes any trip fun!  This one was no exception!  We were like a couple of kids in Disney World without our parents!  12728955_10156621021945523_8374808035112988708_nWe did not have a care in the world….except to be at our classes on time.  We completely enjoyed ourselves and relaxed and actually talked to each other!  The two highlights of the trip for me was first the Couple’s Hot Stone Massage in the spa .  I myself have had the pleasure of several massages at different occasions and different spas.  Dad on the other hand….he was a virgin!  And let me just say….I think he is now hooked!

The second highlight of the trip for me was spending time outside the city driving around in this awesome convertible!  12705173_10156621049390523_3351798653447764049_nIt is a short 45 minute drive from Las Vegas out to the Hoover Dam….it is a very beautiful mountainous landscape….totally different than anything we are used to see here in South Louisiana!  And let me just say….the Dam…AMAZING!!  Totally breathtaking!   This proved to be exactly what we needed in order to rejuvenate ourselves.   12743899_10156621048920523_4394343504772655603_nA lot of times going from day to day we completely lose sight of who we are as a couple and as individuals.  We lose that connection that original made us fall in love with each other.  So we all must make a point in our lives to stop and enjoy each other, talk to each other, put away our cell phones and truly listen to each other.  How can we raise our children in a loving warm home if there is no loving warm connection between my husband and I?  We are the example to them of how to love a spouse.  In order to give them our best….we have to be at our best.

After an entire week away from my kids and reality of life….did I miss them?  YES!  With all my heart and soul!  Am I glad to be home….yes and no.  But I know it is time to get back to reality.  Time to enjoy this awesome life Dad and I are creating for ourselves and our family.  Only this time we are doing it with a newly found spark!

Thanks babe for an awesome week with you….and thanks for always making our travels adventurous!