Spring Garden

We are now almost half way through March….supposedly spring is on the way.  We are finally having warmer temperatures here.  But the rain….oh my word….will the rain EVER stop!  Living in South Louisiana we pray for rain in the Winter into early Spring as it makes for a good crawfish season.  That’s all we worry about down here!  At this point….I think we are well beyond that.  Normally this time of year I would be making plans to clean out my flower bed and all the pots on the patio and most importantly my vegetable garden.  But with all the rain who knows when that will happen.

As part of my quest to simplify life and provide more clean healthy alternatives for my family I have been planting a vegetable garden for the past couple of years. I had the brilliant idea, with the help of Pinterest of course, to use the old pallets Dad gets all the time shipped to the house and make a raised garden! I love this bed!  1001642_10152935506535523_601447152_nI only wish it would be more productive. It would be amazing to know where the vegetables we eat come from. Self sustaining, that would be my ultimate goal. To be able to provide for my family and friends from the fruit of my own hands and hard work. I think my main problem is I get over excited when I go to buy my vegetable plants….they all look so pretty and have the ability to produce the delicious, mouth watering vegetables. Yeah….well I haven’t quite figured out the secret. I can grow beautiful flowers all day long. I can pick flowers from the side of the road and root it and grow like wildfire! But vegetables….not so much. The plants grow beautiful and huge and bloom like they are supposed to. But that`s it. Maybe a couple of cucumbers, but that’s the best I can get.

So this year I plan on cutting way back and focusing on only a few main veggies. We’ll see how this works. Now….if only the rain would stop. What good is a great crawfish season when I don’t have any onions and garlic and potatoes to go with it? So we shall see how it goes….I’ll keep you posted.