Louisiana Traditions

My husband and I were born and raised here in the great state of Louisiana.  There is definitely no place in the world like it!  No where else will you find a culture like here, food like you will find here, music like you will find here or traditions like you will find here!  Growing up in Baton Rouge, one of the many traditions I have grown up with is having beignets and Cafe Au Lait!  That would mean taking a trip to Coffee Call!


Opened in 1976, Coffee Call was Baton Rouge’s very first coffee-house.    Many people have come over the years to enjoy the quaint atmosphere, delicious smells of coffee and frying sweet dough, the friendly staff and relaxed feel of this iconic place.  As a child we would visit often to enjoy the one of a kind tastes.  And it wasn’t just in the morning….people come here all hours of the day and night!

It recently came to my attention that in the 12 years since becoming a mother I had never once brought either of my children to enjoy the yummy goodness of the beignet…..WHAT!  How can that be?  How could I have neglected my children in such a horrible manner!  Well this had to be rectified, especially since we will soon be leaving this delicious state we call home.

We recently had a school holiday so I took the kids for their first trip and let me just say….they LOVED it!  In fact, I am not sure who loved it more….me or them!  Coming to this place brought back so many memories of my childhood, of coming here with my parents and my brother.  Even though the location has moved, not much else has changed about this place.  It still has the same look and feel that I remember from my childhood.

While you stand in line to place your order you can watch the employees as they mix, roll and fry the dough that will then become the sweet goodness called the beignet!  As I make my way to one of the rustic old wooden tables I can hardly wait to take a bite!  You must be careful though….don’t inhale when taking a bite….that powdered sugar can be dangerous!  I totally enjoyed sharing this with my boys and making our own memories that I hope they will take with them as we begin our new adventure in Texas!