Signs of Spring

We are now entering the weird time of year as far as weather goes.  Here is South Louisiana the temperatures can change by the hour!  You may wake up and dress for mid 40s then by the time you get home….you are sweating and putting on your bathing suit because it is now over 80!  None the less, I LOVE this time of year!

Spring.  A new beginning of life.  All the plants and grass and trees start to have little buds on them.  And as the temperatures warm up they grow more and more green.  I love seeing what new little things will pop up in my garden.  Some things planted in years past.  Some things just surprisingly come up out of no where.  You just never know what you’re gonna get!

The poor plants though have a hard time with the temperatures.  As I mentioned before mother nature often times can’t make up her mind if she is ready for summer or still wants to snuggle up by the fire of winter.  This see-saw effect of the temperatures can totally confuse the plants in my garden!  They seem to have blossomed a tad bit early this year.  But I am completely enjoying the beauty of them while I can!  With our up coming move to TX I have no idea which ones if any of my plants will be making the journey with us.  So until then I will not only bask in their beauty but also marvel at the wonders of our awesome God in giving us these little beauties to brighten up our day.