Losing sight of the path

This week has definitely been trying….to say the least.  This move to TX is proving to be more stressful than I ever imagined!  You know normally when you buy a house there are many processes, procedures and steps along the way to get you where you want to be….in a new house.  A new place to call home, to raise your children, a place to come home to, to have your family over and most importantly of all….make memories.  On a normal basis when you are simply moving across town this process can be a little stressful.  We have done this now and each situation has turned up its own set of challenges.  But this move.  This situation.  Oh, Lord….GIVE ME STRENGTH!

I think under normal circumstances I might have just thrown up my hands, started crying and escaped to my room to hide under the covers until everything just worked itself out!  But unfortunately I live in a reality that includes taking care of two kids and a dog.  They don’t tend to like it much when they are neglected.  No, that was not something I could do in this situation.  Instead, Hubby and I did what we do best.  We sat down together, had a couple of glasses of wine and put our heads together to try and figure out a solution.  And when I say put our heads together I mean him, myself and God.

You see…we have been following a path over the past year…one that has brought us to this point where we find ourselves moving out of state away from everything we know.  A path that we firmly believe God is leading us on.  We have relied on him in every decision and step we have taken in this process.  So why should we stop now!  The funny thing about following God’s path….sometimes you get caught up in the challenges of the journey and you forget who is leading the way.  You forget who is truly in control.  So when that happens God has this awesome amazing way of reminding us and bringing us back on track.  Back to him.

This week has been stressful, aggravating and did I say stressful…?  What I thought was a set back has simply been God snapping us back on track to follow his path.  I was definitely reminded that not only does God have a plan but he has his own timing and specific path to get you there.  Now….to just stick with the plan….


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  1. That a girl! I can’t take all the credit, but you must have been raised right! (ha) I am so proud of you. When God is the center of your life, He will lead you on the right path.

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