A Taste of Texas

This move to Texas is going to bring so many new adventures for my little family!  It is going to be an amazing adventure….my kids are not so sure yet…but Dad and I are totally convinced this is going to be a blast!  A couple of weeks ago we had our first taste of the new world that awaits us when we move to Texas.

A couple of weeks ago we attended our first NHRA Top Fuel Drag Race in Houston to cheer on the Matco Tools racing team!  Now…for many people such as myself this really didn’t seem that big of a deal.  But for my 3 boys….they were in HEAVEN!  To be up close and personal to these large, loud and extremely FAST cars….to see the mechanics working on it….to smell the nitro….yeah to say they were in heaven is an understatement!

The boys spent most of the day mesmerized….totally in awe….of the mechanics working on the cars.  I mean, I must say I was pretty impressed as well with how fast they move when completely taking the engine apart after each race.  And of course they use nothing but Matco Tools… 🙂

However the highlight of the day for both David and Jackson was getting to meet, talk to and hang out with the driver of the car…Antron Brown!  Such a great down to earth guy….he gave the boys his total undivided attention.  He signed anything they could think of to have him sign, took pictures and answered ALL of their questions!  Let’s just say they are very much looking forward to the next race in the fall!