Another Step Closer

Well we are now one step closer to making the big move.  This week the boys had their last day of school here in Louisiana.  Seems like just yesterday we were talking about when we would be making the move and getting all of our plans in order and just hoping the boys would be able to finish school here.  And now….its done, school is over….we have finished 7th grade and 2nd grade!  I just can’t believe how quickly time has flown by!

It makes me think about all the time my kids have spent in school here and all the friends they have made and all the wonderful teachers they have had.   The Elementary school was built and opened the year David started 1st grade.  And then 5 years later Jackson started Kindergarten there.  My kids are not exactly your model kids.  They tend to find themselves in some of the most interesting situations that make you have to just shake your head and laugh.  ALL the teachers know my kids….for better or worse!  To know my kids is to love them….and they are very loved in their schools!  So it was a sad day to leave for the last time.

As we take this step we are preparing for the next steps.  Always as one door closes another will inevitably open.  Finally selling our house here in Louisiana.  Buying our new home in Texas.  Preparing for all of our belongings to be packed into a huge truck and praying that everything makes it there in one piece!   So much to do.  I have been making check lists, reading articles about relocating, talking to the kids about all the new adventures, trying to keep myself organized and hoping I am not forgetting anything.  I pray a lot….on a daily basis….if for nothing else than to come out on the other side of this with my own sanity!

When we originally talked about this 6 months ago I was so excited at the idea of making a new start in a new place.  I was so proud of my hubby for all his hard work finally paying off and being offered a position that he truly loves and can pour his heart and soul into!  I am definitely still excited.  I just never would have dreamed how stressful and difficult this whole process was going to be.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt we are gonna make it through this process.  There is no failing here….we are too invested in it now!  Then once we are on the other side of this craziness….we are definitely going to be much stronger in our faith, much closer as a family and a couple and by the grace of God we will all survive!