Best Friends

As our big move looms closer and closer we have all been trying to imagine how things are going to change.  Of course myself I am completely excited at the prospect of a new home, a new town and all the adventures that we will find.  Dad is also completely excited at the opportunity of a new job and building a new career as well as a new life for us.  David and Jackson on the other hand….not so much.

Being so young they have never known any other home.  So understandably it is a bit scary for them.  The idea of a new home, a new community, new schools….it is all a lot of unknown for them.  On top of all that….they are leaving all of their friends and their family as well!  We are continuing to talk about things and trying to keep them excited about everything.

In all of our preparation and planning for the move there is one other aspect of life that will be effected tremendously by the huge change.  One that I really haven’t talked much about.  That would be our furry three-legged family member….Harley.  She came to live with us about a year ago and has made such a HUGE impact not only on our family but our friends and neighbors as well.  How she became three-legged is a long story for another post.

We have a wonderful neighbor who has a very large, very energetic dog named Mason.  For the past several months Mason has been coming over everyday to visit and play with Harley.  It is rather funny to watch the two of them as they are so different in size.  And since Harley only has three legs that she can use you would think that it would hinder her ability to keep up with Mason.  But that is far from reality….she definitely gives Mason a run for his money!

They have become such great friends it is very difficult to keep them apart.  On the days that they are not able to play it is truly comical.  They both whine, pace and cry until they are able to get in the yard and play together.  I have no idea how this bond was formed.  Who are we to understand the minds of God’s creatures.  But they truly have developed a remarkable friendship.

When we think about changes and moving on to new phases in our lives we don’t normally think about how our furry friends and how theywill adjust to their new surroundings.  As we continue on this new adventure I am very anxious to see how Harley will adjust.  One thing I know for sure….two dogs will definitely miss each other.  It will be a truly sad day for them when we finally move.