Summer Weekends in Louisiana

School is now out.  The weather is trying to warm up… least as of a couple of weeks ago it was still trying.  So for us here in South Louisiana that means time to get out on the water!  A couple of weeks ago was Memorial Day which is usually the first official weekend for summer boating.  And we prayed for it to warm up enough and for it to stop raining long enough to take our boat out.  With the move quickly approaching we weren’t sure how many chances we would have before we leave Louisiana.

South Louisiana is known for a lot of things….food, music, culture, art, food…..I could go on all day.  But our waterways are like none elsewhere.  We sit right on the Gulf of Mexico and with our unique coastline being so swampy and riddled with thousands of little cuts and inlets….it is a haven for boaters and fisherman alike.  Dad is definitely one of those!  I always have picked at him saying he could never move to far away from the salt water of the coast or he would shrivel up and die!  He grew up on the water.  Boating, fishing, shrimping, crabing….you name it!  And he has definitely passed that love of the water on to our boys.  Even Harley likes to get in on the action!

So as summer kicks into high gear it is time for our favorite weekend pastime….cruising in the boat!  Oh there is nothing like it!  We are so gonna miss these waterways!