Finally….we are HERE!!!

The last couple of weeks have been, by far, the most stressful I have ever gone through.  Seriously.  It has really made me begin to question a lot of things.  What in the world have we gotten ourselves into??  Are we making a mistake in moving?  Have I lost my mind?  Why did I decide to quit drinking wine?  Are we making a mistake?  Did I ever really have a mind?  Why are we doing this again?  When did we get so much STUFF?  And tell me again why did I quit drinking wine?   But in spite of everything we have been through…it has all been worth it!  We are finally here…in TX…in our new home…and best of all we are all together again!

We had delay after delay.  Problem after problem.  Scrambling to schedule and reschedule EVERYTHING.  And now…we are officially residents of the great state of Texas!  What a strange, exciting, depressing feeling….all at the same time.  So many emotions I truly can’t even put them all into words.  What a long journey this has been.  One that I truly believe we have been led on.  God placed this adventure in front of us but He never said it would be an easy, smooth path.  But He also never said we would have to go down this path on our own.  And I know He has been with us every step of this process.

I will definitely say this….if you ever have the opportunity or funds to hire a moving company to come in and pack your house….you should by all means definitely do it!  I mean seriously, hands down, that was the awesome part of this process!  They brought all the packing supplies.  We walked through the house I told them what goes and what I would be packing….and that was it, they went to town!  My entire house, shop, storeroom and car port were completely packed and loaded into an 18-wheeler in the matter of 2 days!  2 days!  Then once we got on the other side they showed up at our new house, unloaded and put everything in the new house.  How cool is that?!?

Now we have been in our new home for almost a month.  Within the first 2 days the boys met the neighbors….thank heavens there are a LOT of boys here!  That was my biggest fear in moving here, making sure the boys would have friends and being able to play in the neighborhood.  Well we have been blessed beyond measure in area!  It makes this Mamma’s heart so happy!

We are now about 85% unpacked.  This is completely nothing but the essentials.  At this point I don’t even want to think about decorating, hanging art or any of that stuff!  It is just too overwhelming!  I’ll think about that another day.  Another day when I am possibly not so tired and not drowning in boxes!