48 Days

48 days.  That is the exact number of days we have been living in our house.  48 days of unpacking.  48 days of meeting our new neighbors.  48 days of learning the ins and outs of the house.  Just enough time to barely start making this house feel like our home.  Then on day 48….all of that has changed.  Hurricane Harvey happened.  As of today…this is what my house looks like.

Yes.  This is my house.  The entire area of Houston, Beaumont, Galveston and even into the Southwest coast of Louisiana have been hit and almost completely demolished by what was Hurricane Harvey.  Devastating is an understatement.  In shock…yes you could say that.  Being from Louisiana, we are no strangers to hurricanes.  However this is our first time experiencing such destruction first hand.  But you know what….as devastating as this is…we are so completely blessed.  Blessed beyond words.  You know why?  My little family was very well prepared.  We had plenty of time to gather all of our important treasures and leave.  And we are safe.  That is beyond blessed right there.

God has led us.  God has protected us.  I have complete faith that he has led us here to Texas for a reason.  We still have faith in God’s plan.  We still have faith in God’s goodness. So as we begin this process of rebuilding, we will continue to hold on to these promises that He is still with us.  Pray for my little family.  Pray for this entire community.