Our Second New Normal

It has now been a month since water entered our beautiful home.  28 inches of water to be exact.  You know it doesn’t sound like a lot…but when you think about how that 28 inches is over 2 ft.  It is enough to creep into every nook and cranny, every wall, every cabinet, anything that is within its reach will be touched by that water.  And then when you have to go in and tear out everything that the water touched.  So 28 inches is a lot more than you think!  At least that’s what I am coming to realize.

For anyone who knows my husband, knows that he is unable to sit still very long.  He came back to the neighborhood within a couple of days of evacuating to see if he could get into the house.  Unfortunately, it was 7 days before the water receded enough that he could get in.  Once he got in….the demo began immediately!  He don’t waste no time!  Sheetrock, insulation, door frames, doors, cabinets….everything that the water touched was thrown to the curb! 

Needless to say the first 2 weeks back in the house were definitely exhausting…..not only physically but mentally as well!  I figured out real quick it was best to just step aside and let the men do their thing because there was truly just no talking to them.  And you know…I guess that’s ok.  As long as it got done!  Now I can’t say there weren’t a few tense moments in the middle there….but we made it through them.  Barely.

So where are we now….temporarily we are living in a camper that has been generously loaned to us by some family.  Which has definitely been interesting to say the least!  It is certainly gonna take some getting used to.  And to add to everything….the kids have started school.  Which has truly been my saving grace!  Grant it the kids were a huge help and worked really hard ripping things out of the house.  But they are also just kids!  Who needed time to be kids!  As much as they did not want it….going back to school was the best thing for them.  They needed that sense of normalcy, that routine in their lives.  It truly has made life more interesting and is pushing my creative organization skills to their limit.  Not to mention trying to do homework and cook and keep the boys from getting on each other’s nerves….all in this tiny camper!  Most days I don’t know how we make it.

As far as the house goes….We are still drying out….waiting….and drying…..more waiting.  We should be starting work soon.  There are still lots of decisions to make….still waiting for insurance….more waiting.  I am definitely learning my patience here!  One good thing is we have full use of the upstairs bath which is beyond a blessing!  So we can shower and do other personal things up there without disturbing the others in the camper.  We each have a space up there that we can go to when we need quiet time.  Ben has an office space up there to work.  And hopefully once work begins downstairs we can move some of our furniture downstairs and possibly be able to live upstairs rather than in the camper.  But we shall have to wait and see how things go.

Despite everything….I truly have nothing to complain about!  Nothing!  We have been blessed beyond words!  Everyone from family, friends….even strangers have offered prayers, made donations of everything from food to cleaning supplies to dog food to money!  There is truly nothing we need and it is such a relief to know so many care!  Honestly it is just overwhelming when I stop and think about it.  So I really try hard not to stop and think about it.  So many others are in a much worse place than us.  God has been so good to us.  And I know he will continue to take care of us.