Trimming the Trees

I am sitting here this morning, as I do many mornings, trying to get my brain to focus.  Seems these days I feel like I have muddy water in my brain and I just can’t get it to do anything.  I am looking at the beautiful trees in this neighborhood and in my yard.  Trees are such amazing things.  How they grow.  How they provide food and shelter for the birds and squirrels.   They give off oxygen so we humans can breathe.  Absolutely amazing!

The first time we came to look at this house the trees spoke to me.  The yard spoke to me.  They are the main reason we bought this house!  Then once we moved in we realized there were just too many trees.  How in the world can there be too many trees you say?  Many were old, some leaning, some beginning to rot with large holes in them and many were just not healthy.  Some just needed some maintenance, a little hair cut if you will.   So right before the hurricane, I mean literally like a couple of weeks before, we had a crew come out and take care of the trees.   And thank goodness we did.  I could not imagine how many may have fallen and what additional damage could have been caused if we had not taken care of them.  Even with that being said, the potential for tree damage was still crazy!  Our home was truly protected by God’s hands through the hurricane.  There are so many trees but yet not a single one fell.  It truly amazes me when I think about it.


If I remember correctly it was about 13 trees that were taken down.  All shapes and sizes.  No matter sometimes, you just gotta trim the trees!  You gotta thin them out.  Cut off any broken, dead branches.  Trees get all of their energy to grow from the ground, through the roots.  So often times older trees have newer branches along the way to the top that draw the energy and keep it from reaching the top.  Then the tree is not able to reach its full potential and continue to grow upward strong and healthy.  So you cut them off.  You open the path to the top!

You know we often have to do that with our lives as well.  Most of us are completely wrapped up in our daily routine of work, school, running errands, doing homework, cooking dinner, cleaning….all the clutter we call our daily lives.  So much so that we can barely see where we are going, why we are here and who we are doing it for.  And that’s when we gotta take some time to trim the trees, trim away all of the excess.  We have to get rid of all those things that are distracting up from our true purpose here.  Takes us away from reaching our full potential here.  That purpose being to bring honor and glory to God.  To allow his love and kindness to grow in us and shine through.

This is part of the reason I started writing this blog.  To bring focus back to the simple things in life.  To try to clear out all the unnecessary branches in our lives.  Try to reconnect with our roots and see how truly blessed we are.  How truly blessed we can be if we would just allow the sun to shine through. To focus more on our families and our loving God.  So maybe today you can look around your yard and see what trees need to be trimmed!  Let God’s light fill your heart and you will be amazed at what can grow!