Reflecting on 2017….looking to the future

As the holiday season, well the year for that matter, comes to a close I find myself looking back.  This time last year we were just beginning to make our plans for this new adventure in Texas.  So very hard to believe we are now a whole year later!  This past year was supposed to be full of adventure, new things and places.  It has definitely been all of that….and then some!

When we started on this journey I never would have dreamed all of the trials we would go through to get here.  I definitely still feel that God had a plan in leading us on this path however it is still very unclear what that plan is.  I am still waiting for that to be revealed.    And to say I have not questioned him a time or two would definitely be a lie!  But his plan is not for my knowing right now.  It is only my job to have faith and follow his lead.

We have definitely had our share of roadblocks on this journey.  Through the trials of selling our home… buying our new home and getting every thing lined up to move in…to finally settling in.  Then a mere 48 days later…having to pack my home up…again…except this time only having a matter of hours.  Then having to evacuate my family to another city…to the home of a family that I did not even know….so that we could escape the flood waters that ravaged our new home.  Never could I have dreamed such a thing!   Through it all we have stayed the course.  Never leaving the path.  Taking each day as it comes and accepting it for the blessing it is.  The blessing of our new neighborhood, new-found friends and unlimited possibilities.

I am not gonna lie, this was honestly the most difficult year I have endured.  I don’t think I would have made it through had it not been for my faith in God, the strength of my marriage and the support of all our family and friends!  As this new year approaches I am trying to maintain my faith and hope for not only my little family but also my new community.  Many still haven’t even started to rebuild.  We are definitely beyond blessed to have what we have and to be as far along as we are in the process.  But we are all a long way from normal.



So in all of this rambling you are probably wanting to know….where are you with fixing the house??  Well…let’s just say slow and steady wins the race, right??  We had a couple of set backs.  But we now have insulation and sheet rock.  We are ALMOST ready to paint.  At this point I am celebrating every step as another step closer to having my house back!