A Little Food Prep

Its been a long 8 months of fixing the house and NOT eating very well.  You don’t have a lot of options for healthy eating when you have a budget and very limited cooking space!  We were doing a lot of grilling, a lot of crock pot recipes and even more eating out!  Many friends back home talked about the flood weight gain….yeah well we got it here too!

So now we have this beautiful new kitchen….let’s get to cooking again!  One of the areas I always struggle with is breakfast.  Hubby and I have developed a hate relationship with eggs over the last couple of years so I try to limit those.  Many protein bars and granola bars that are healthy Hubby can’t eat because of the whey protein that is in them.  Besides his schedule is so crazy I never know where he is gonna be.  So I am always looking for items that are portable as well as healthy without a lot of sugar and without whey.  Such a hard thing to find!

My neighbor recently posted a picture of these beauties and after reading over the recipe I knew I had to have them in my near future!    I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE blueberries!  I try to use them as much as possible.  At our old house in Louisiana we had a HUGE blueberry bush that produced some of the biggest berries I have ever seen! I so miss that bush!  Can’t wait till my new bush here gets big enough to produce!

Anyway….back to prepping!  These muffins are super healthy as well as being versatile!  You don’t have to use blueberries but any fresh or dried fruit you have on hand.  You can also use any nuts you would like.  I happen to have walnuts so that’s what I used.  One thing I love about these is the nutty flavor from the almond flour and then when you get one of those blueberries in your mouth it just pops and all the juices combine with the bread…..oh my…deliciousness!

 These muffins are really simple to make as well…not very many ingredients and only takes a few minutes to mix them up!  I am ALL about quick recipes….time is precious these days!  Moms you know where I am coming from!  I actually got my little guy in on the mixing part….it was a great help plus it is great to get kids in the kitchen.  They usually love helping and learning to do grown up things!  Mine is always Johnny on the spot to help when it comes to cooking!  He is also usually right there to eat whatever it is as well!


So now with these are in the oven and soon to be ready for the week!  I often have people ask for recipes of things I cook so I am gonna try to include more of my weekly menu with you guys here!  I hope to maybe inspire you guys, make you hungry or just give you something to drool over!  Hope you all have a great week!  And here is the recipe I used for this beautiful blueberry yummyness!