Long Road Home

As of May 19 we are officially back in our house!  Woohoo!!  Finally sleeping in our own beds.  In our own separate rooms.  I cannot even begin to express what this feels like!  It has been 265 days.  265 very long days since all 4 of us have slept under this roof…altogether…as a family.  Nothing is on the walls and most of our clothes are still in boxes.  But who cares about that stuff??  It’s just stuff!  We now have a beautiful house….and there are walls….and cabinets….and doors!  I believe it is even more beautiful than the first time we walked in!

You know, we had just moved in before the flood so we were still trying to get settled in.  We were fighting with the feeling that this wasn’t even our home.  You know, that feeling you are just staying in someone elses home?  When you are trying to figure out all the little quirks of a new place.  Trying to figure out where to put what.  Just getting to know the house like a new friend.  Figuring out what little changes to make, how to make it your house.

Well we have seen what this house looks like from the inside out.  We have seen her at her worst and she has seen us at our lowest.  I think we kind of have a bond now, a trust so to speak.  She was flooded and broken and she trusted us to take care of her.  Put her back together and make her beautiful again!  And now….now I can honestly say it finally feels like our “home”!

So why are you just now writing about this you ask….you’ve been back in the house now for almost 5 months….why just now are you writing about this.  Well, I’ll tell you.  This whole getting back in the house thing has been so completely exhausting….mentally and physically!  Cleaning, unpacking, finding things you thought were lost, and more cleaning….we have had to just take a break!  Really!  I don’t think I have ever experienced that sort of tired before in my life!  I finally feel like I am getting back to being myself….to being us again in our home!

It has definitely been a long journey for all of us!    Things definitely did not move as quickly as we had hoped and maybe that was a good thing.  Maybe that was another lesson we were being taught….the lesson of true patience.  Remind me to NEVER actually ask God for patience!  I would hate to see what happens in that situation!

Every step of this process has been a challenge and a lesson in patience.  Even once I finally ordered furniture I couldn’t even get THAT delivered on time!  But…despite all the time that has passed and all the set backs and heartaches we have dealt with, I can honestly say my little family is definitely stronger and a much closer unit for everything we have been dealt!  I mean you think you are prepared going into situations like this.  You think you know what to expect.  Well let’s just say none of this has been ANYTHING like I expected or was prepared for.  God always has a way of giving you what you need…when you need it and teaching you things you never knew you didn’t know.