True Meaning of Blessed

You know as we go along this journey we call life we never know the path that will be laid before us.  We make the best decisions each day with what we have to work with and just pray we are doing the right thing!  Especially when it comes to kids!  I know that God always has a plan for us…nothing happens in this life that he does not allow to happen or have in the book.  I often find myself wondering WHY….ok well maybe I am ALWAYS wondering WHY!  But every day I do my best to go along and not question.

Three months ago I lost my job.  It wasn’t a job that I was extremely happy with but still it was not exactly in my plan.  We have always been a two income family and had no idea how we would make it on one income.  I had been praying for God to show me his path when I wasn’t happy in my job.  Well…he did.  I was blessed for the first time to be able to spend the entire summer off with my bo ys!  I cherished every moment of the summer since these days pass entirely too fast.  David is starting middle school and Jackson is in 2nd grade….before I know it David will be in high school and then….well I don’t even want to think about that!

As summer came to an end and I began planing the next phase of my unemployment an unimaginable thing happened.  The 1000 year flood that no one saw coming, no one predicted…but it has affected EVERYONE!  Here in South Louisiana we are used to hurricanes and flash floods and unexpected thunderstorms.  And the Friday of August 12 was no different…until we got a call that school was closed due to possible flooding in low-lying areas.  As the day progressed the outlook became more and more grim.  By the next day the 75% of the area was underwater.  By Sunday 90% of the area was underwater.  I don’t think I have EVER prayed as hard as I did over those couple of dadenham-springsys.  Somehow, in the midst of all of the devastation, God spared my little family.  We escaped with no water even close to our home.  We didn’t even lose power.  God had a plan.

As the days moved on the devastation became more and more apparent.  The more people we talked to, the more of our friends had lost everything.  Now just say that to yourself…Everything.  Unimaginable.  I had no idea what to do with myself.  No idea how to feel, what to do to help.  Not only were homes destroyed, most of the businesses in the area and almost half of the schools received up to 8 ft of water.  With this many schools destroyed there was no way children could attend.  If one can’t open then none will open.

As the days passed I searched for ways to help those who suffered such horrible loss.  We had been so beyond blessed.  I prayed and prayed for God to show me a way to help.  Another buildilaflood-ang that received no water was our church, our beautiful new building was safe and had served as a place of refuge for many evacuees in the middle of the flooding.  Well this place of God became a refuge after the waters receded as well.  And with the help of my two boys and some other women in our church we were able to coordinate a distribution center for much-needed supplies for those who now have nothing.

We have been open for 30 days and have served man y people in need.  There is no way I could have done any of this had I not lost my job.  God had a plan.  A plan to use me along with my boys.    We did not lose any14067475_10157399732995523_1349142228969111493_nthing in this horrible event.  But we gained everything.  My boys have learned the most precious life lessons.  One: to give thanks to the Lord above for all of his blessings big and small.  Two:  to understand the gift of being a blessing to others and serving those in need.  Three:  to see14021567_10157399732300523_622488545818590652_n the gifts from God and use them to bless others, to not take them for granted.  These are invaluable lessons that I could have never created on my own.  Only with the power of the almighty Lord above and a plan that I never saw.  I am beyond proud of my two boys and the faithful, selfless Christians they are becoming.  Again, all part of God’s plan.

These events have brought a completely new meaning to me for this place I have aptly named Simply Blessed Life.